Commercial Interior Design is an extremely important part of any company's branding. Not just for visitors but also for the employees the company attracts and retains.

So hiring a professional interior designer to help you create that space makes sound business sense.

When the CEO of a local company called me about a kitchen remodeling project, he was well prepared. He had done his homework and knew exactly what he wanted in terms of project goals, style of the room and the activities therein.

During the initial design meeting, he shared a few beautiful inspirational photographs and his intentions.

Then he took me down a long 'peachy' hued hall and showed me three architecturally challenged rooms that nobody wanted to spend any time in.

He said his idea was to transform that unused space into one big break room for his employees. And he wanted this space to communicate warmth and welcome and be nicer than what his employees had in their homes - to encourage collaboration, teamwork and creativity (to bring people together)!

                                                           This CEO really got good design!

He invested in the Interior Kitchen and Bath Refresh Design service for that included all the visuals he needed to communicate his vision and feel confident about his layout, colors, fixtures and finish selections. He knew that the better he could communicate his vision to his contractor, the more likely he was to achieve it.

                      The color palette was inspired by the company's own brand colors.

Then he added another goal -- he wanted to push the design limits a little and create something different than the usual commercial designs for kitchens and break rooms in Elkhart County.  He wanted to create a warm, welcoming and modern vibe with a traditional twist.

And isn't that what interior design is all about? Creating a more livable, personalized space that facilitates a functional goal?

So I was both excited and challenged to share in this adventure and create a space that reflected the company's brand vision, values, pretty & practical goals....especially after seeing their current kitchen:

During our initial design work meeting, I noticed the location of plumbing so I recommended that the proposed kitchen sink remain in this area to help the project make sense for their intentions. This started the collaborative brainstorming and problem solving that I look forward to with my clients. I love to listen and problem solve and I love to see their face light up when they start thinking outside the box. He brought up concerns about electrical access to the island that would house the sink as the flooring was on slab.  And I suggested we could build structural posts on each side of the island and run them up to and through the ceiling and then finish the posts like cabinetry. Don't get me wrong - I'm not a builder - I help others problem solve their best ideas so they can hand them off to their builder so he can do what he is good at.

And this business man was no stranger to remodeling projects. He knew that bringing on an interior designer early would save him time and money on the back end. He knew that by making definitive decisions at the beginning of the project meant that he would not have to do it again at the end with the money that was leftover and be disappointed with the results.

Voila....the power of a clear vision!

Now, his employees show up to work every morning to this place!

And sometimes amazing things happen here... new ideas are born, friendships are formed, goals are met and new deals are done.

Because that is what happens when you get clear on how the practical and the pretty affect the picture.

As Winston Churchill once said, "We shape our buildings and they shape us." 

Does your small business interior reflect your company mission or brand? Is your space being used efficiently and goals being met? If not, then we should chat.  I provide professional interior design services as a team player which means you provide what you're good at and I provide what I'm good at to ensure your vision is realized without the typical surprises behind construction projects.

Here's your next step -If you are thinking about a new home, kitchen or renovated space within the next year, begin your project here. I'll offer a complimentary virtual 15 minute qualifying call where we'll decide if we'll make a good team. Then, if it will serve you, I'll recommend a complimentary 45 minute virtual meet and greet where we will dig into the scope of your project, flesh out your ideas, brainstorm priorities and create a game plan to get it done.

Then, you'll be amazed at the power of professional interior design on your people and bottom line.

Is that important to you? I thought so.

Here's what the client had to say in his 5 star review when we were finished....

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Until then,

Hugs and blessings (Numbers 6: 24-26),



Beauty needs boundaries so it only has 'happy accidents'. Therefore, my specialty is managing & directing the creative process through thoughtful planning which then magically interprets & integrates the practical and the pretty into one clear distinctive vision.

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