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Hi! I'm Karen...

I believe interior design is a tool for saving our families and the world. Because home is about self care & building relationships one room at a time.....You see, I know first hand about how designing low ego, high impact homes not only brings you a sense of peace, calm and gratitude, but helps everyone feel comfortable, connected and cared for. And when we're cared for, we care for others.

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....and here's why:


20 years ago our tiny, old farm house wasn't supporting me or our family and helping us connect with what matters most and I could not find reliable interior design expertise that made sense to our lifestyle, aesthetic, budget or vision without returning to college to demystify design.  Figuring it all out was expensive and time consuming but my family's future became my focus.


The interior renovation & redesign that followed not only transformed our home but also our lives. In the busyness, overload & unpredictability of the world we live in today, I believe in that kind of change. 


So now I use my knowledge to impact more lives & make the world more beautiful.


If you want to create a space that inspires life and makes an impact & a difference while stewarding your resources well, you're in the right place.


Our world needs that type of transformation.

Creating beauty at home and inspiring good should be simple and accessible for everyone. That's why I do design differently - not a one size fits all approach that focuses on shopping for the perfect (fill in the blank), but instead through design exploration, discovery,  planning & strategy.


Now that you know about me, I would love to connect with you either through my monthly VIP newsletter (sign up below), or on social media.


If you're interested in working with me, just send me an email and I'd be happy to walk you through my award winning process that guarantees you'll love the end result.

Karen is a wife, mother of 4 adult children, a fur baby named "Bella Grace" and grammy of 2 littles. She is a formally educated, award winning interior designer with years of trial and error experience and has found a way to simplify interior design that was once reserved only for the wealthy. This means you'll benefit from her unique approach & expertise which explores & engages the client's expectations from the very start, helps them navigate the challenges in the industry & provides individualized, expressive spaces.  She is passionate in her belief that our environments matter and by participating in our own home transformations, we change as well.

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Interior design is not a one size fits all solution because no dream is the same.  Everyone begins their project with different needs, style opinions,  expectations and budgets.  Therefore, Karen has created  affordable, flexible, short term flat fee design services by the day or by the room for everyday folks who would like to make wise design choices, steward their project well & create a look that is personal, inspirational and timeless .  If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of working with me read this blog post by  clicking here.

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