Hi! I'm Karen...

I believe interior design is God's tool for saving our families and the world. Because home is about building relationships one room at a time.....You see, I know first hand about how designing low ego, high impact homes not only brings you a sense of peace, calm and gratitude, but helps everyone feel comfortable, connected and cared for. And when we're cared for, we care for others.

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....and here's why:


20 years ago our tiny, old farm house wasn't supporting our family and helping us connect with what matters most and I could not find reliable interior design expertise that made sense to our lifestyle, aesthetic, budget or vision.  So, I returned to college and my family's future became my focus!


The home restoration & redesign that followed not only transformed our home but also our lives. In the busyness & unpredictability of the world we live in today, I believe in that kind of change, so now I share my 20 years of trial & error interior design expertise with others from a big picture perspective – as an expression of comfort, simplicity, connection & grace - against these things there is no law!

So, if you're looking for a design partner to dial in and define your ideal outcome - you're in the right place!


I help busy, creative, mission-minded people transform their environments, lives & the world through this magical tool called interior design by helping them breathe life into their best ideas & vision which uplevels them to the design hero behind their project.


Now that you know about me, I would love to connect with you either through my monthly newsletter (sign up below), or on social media. If you're ready to invest in yourself & discover how we can work together to create your love story at home, schedule a 15 minute design chat here. When you book your FREE design chat, you'll also gain access to valuable design guides & check lists that will help you clarify your vision & simplify design.

Karen is a formally educated, award-winning interior designer with 20 years of trial and error experience. This means you'll benefit from her unique, faith based approach to design research, planning & design development which explores & engages the client's best ideas from the very start to communicate their expectations & reduce their risks.

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You like choices & the ability to try things on for size so why settle on cookie cutter designs, limited choices or good enough?

Your time & money is valuable, so why do all that work only to find out something's not quite right?

You want an interior designer approved look, so why overpay for design services & opinion only to be disappointed with the results?

Karen Savage brings a fresh eye, balance & clarity to help you achieve your vision and make confident, cohesive design decisions you won't regret.  Her specialty is her process, creative collaborations & pre-design planning which magically interprets & integrates the practical and the pretty into one clear distinct vision.

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