Hi! I'm Karen...

As the owner and lead designer at Karen Savage Design, I’m here to guide you through your home design project with the knowledge and expertise required for a successful outcome. I make it my job to listen carefully to your needs, alleviate the overwhelm of decisions, and ensure that you end up with a home where everyone feels comfortable, cared for & connected - because every life matters - every home matters!

....and here's why:


20 years ago our old farm house was not supporting our family and helping us connect with what matters most. The result was 2 out of 3 of our school aged children began failing at school. So, I changed my intentions, returned to college and their future became my focus! Knowledge is power and the home restoration & redesign that followed not only transformed our home but also our lives. In the busyness & unpredictability of the world we live in today, I believe we could all use more of that, so now I share my knowledge of design principles & strategy with others from the same big picture perspective – as an expression of comfort, simplicity, connection, grace & love - against these things there is no law!

So, if you're looking for design help and want to participate in the creative process to own your outcome & exceed what you can do on your own - you're in the right place!


I help busy, creative, mission-minded people transform their living spaces, lives & the world through this magical tool called interior design. My services save my clients time, reduce overwhelm, and avoid design missteps. My process is different because it's centered on you with the intent of bringing clarity and a focused plan of action to your project.

If this describes your values and intent and you'd like to get started by connecting with other mission-minded design learners & doers for start up support, ask to join my private interior design community below.

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Because redsigned homes redesign lives and redesigned lives go out and make the world more beautiful.

Karen Savage brings a fresh eye, balance & clarity to help you achieve your vision and make confident design decisions.  Karen is qualified by a formal Education and 20 years of trial and error experience. Her specialty is fusion - her unique, creative process which encourages collaborations & then magically interprets & integrates the practical and the pretty into one clear distinct vision.

Online & values based Interior Design Planning & Plans from ideation to presentation with the eye of an artist & the methodology of a scientist. Serving Middlebury, Goshen, Elkhart Indiana and beyond.


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