Hi! I'm Karen...

My specialty is helping others figure out their own unique look and then breathing life into it. I know first hand about how redesigned homes redesign lives and bring you a sense of peace and gratitude ...

....and here's why:


20 years ago our old farm house was not supporting our family and helping us connect with what matters most..The result was 2 out of 3 of our school aged children began failing at school and I could not find reliable interior design advice or figure it out by myself. So, I changed my intentions, returned to college and their future became my focus! Knowledge is power and the home restoration & redesign that followed not only transformed our home but also our lives. In the busyness & unpredictability of the world we live in today, I believe in that kind of change, so now I share my design knowledge & expertise with others from the same big picture perspective – as an expression of comfort, simplicity, connection, grace & love - against these things there is no law!

So, if you're looking for design help and want to participate in the creative process to own your outcome & exceed what you can do on your own - you're in the right place!


I help busy, creative, mission-minded people transform their environment, lives & the world through this magical tool called interior design. My services save my clients time, reduce overwhelm & surprises and avoid expensive design missteps. My interior design business is different because I use a faith-based & Jesus inspired approach based on honesty, transparency, accessibility, affordability, and a process that works because it is centered on you with the intent of bringing you clarity and a focused plan of action.

If this describes your values and intent and you'd like to learn more, schedule your complimentary design chat here and we'll see if we make a good fit for your project.

Because redesigned homes redesign lives and redesigned lives go out and make the world more beautiful!

Karen Savage brings a fresh eye, balance & clarity to help you achieve your vision and make confident design decisions.  Karen is qualified by a formal Education and 20 years of trial and error experience. Her specialty is fusion - her unique, creative process which encourages collaborations & then magically interprets & integrates the practical and the pretty into one clear distinct vision.

Online & values based Interior Design Planning & Plans from ideation to presentation with the eye of an artist & the methodology of an engineer. Serving Middlebury, Goshen, Elkhart Indiana and beyond.


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