We all know that interior design is personalized art based on spatial problem solving - and that a picture is worth a thousand words. So let's perfect your picture so that you feel comfortable, connected and cared for at home. The Master Interior Design Plan is a concept design service and is for someone who wants a designer approved environment & prefers that I do the heavy lifting for them. This service includes personalized design boards, room renders, templates, layouts, finish samples, & instructions so that you can flawlessly communicate & execute your big idea, get what you want, own your outcome and claim bragging rights!

Here's what to expect:

The initial 20 minute design conversation

The 2 hour design work meeting where we'll discuss your project, review your space, brainstorm best options, your vision and your authentic brand of beauty.

Then, I’ll present you with a free estimate based on your specific needs with information on my design fees & timeline.

You’ll pay half of my non-refundable design fee and we'll get started on creating architectural harmony.

I’ll create your personalized Interior Design Plan according to your aims and authenticity

You’ll pay the second half of my non-refundable design fee

I’ll present Version 1 of your design plan

You'll provide feedback, ideas and change requests

I’ll revise the design based on your feedback or until the clouds part and the angels sing (to Him be glory)

I’ll supply final design board(s) so you can receive apple to apple quotes from anybody in town and/or shop for the items on your list at your convenience and within your budget

You'll make it happen, control the outcome & live abundantly & make the world more beautiful!

If needed, I can continue working with you after the design phase by offering a concierge level design service that offers access to me as your happiness expert throughout the remainder of your project.  And If it makes sense to both of us, I would be happy to take on the purchasing responsibility for you including offering competitive designer pricing, and connections with my many awesome to the trade only resources available locally and abroad.

Faith Based, Online Interior Design Planning & Plans from the perspective of communicating curated comfort & connection.  Serving Middlebury, Goshen, Elkhart Indiana and beyond.

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