My gifting is helping others become their own design expert as quickly as possible so they can live an abundant life that inspires others to do the same. Interior design is the power of living in functional art - your space shaped using design elements and design principles in a way that shapes you. This means knowing what to create before you create is the most essential part of creating. Have you ever thought about interior design like that before? My gift is part engineer, part artist and part communicator and it is all about helping others think, prepare and perfect their unique vision of home so they can control their project instead of their project controlling them. In both the renovation and redesign business, this preparation & planning cuts out the guesswork and buyer's remorse and provides a road map to your happy home. Do you really want to trust the biggest investment in your life to vague style assumptions, wishful thinking, guesswork and we'll figure it out as we go as your design strategy?

I recently had a prospect call me in a panic. She had buyer's remorse and was frustrated and disappointed with her brand new $50,000 kitchen remodel because the result was not what she hoped for or expected. And she didn't understand where the disconnect was because she worked with someone in the 'design industry'. Making assumptions that everyone in the 'design industry' is an expert at Interior design is a mistake. Interior design is not 'one size fits all' - it is personalized spatial problem solving based on a visual language that affects us on a deep and personal level. How would you feel if you spent thousands of dollars on something that didn't work or meet your expectations?

Home is important and every single person on this planet desires a beautiful home that supports their needs for comfort, for security, for tranquility, and for beauty. A home is where we live and love and it is our ultimate destination (John 14:3). It's where we gain our sense of peace, calm and beauty that our inner souls, our lives, and our children's lives, need and depend on not only to function but to shape us.

That's why my work is important, planning & prep are important and communication is key because getting from point A to point B is not like shopping for shoes. I help lay the foundation for helping people live their best lives by listening first, following processes and then creating a plan so that they get where they want to go.

Here are 9 other reasons why my client’s hire me:

1. I Save My Clients Money

I recently walked into Pier 1 (before they went out of business where I live) and greeted the store manager. I asked him how things were going and he frowned. He told me that his ideal customer is someone who comes in and buys BUT doesn't return it, and repeat the cycle over and over again. Shopping like this is expensive for both the client and the store. Maybe that's why they went out of business. I know this may seem counter-intuitive but we live in an upside down kind of world and we believe shopping for beautiful items that inspire us is all it takes to create a home that will support us. How is that working for you? Let's see a show of hands for those who have impulsively bought paint samples or perhaps a rug only to find out it didn't look good in the room. The paint color looked great in the store where there was lots of light but sucked the life out of your living room. Or the "blue" in the rug doesn’t coordinate with the blue in your sofa or accessories so instead of a pulled together room, it looks more like Frankenstein’s bride (hope I made you laugh). Don’t feel bad – we've all been there and mistakes happen but they can also be costly – and I readily advise and help you make choices that are right for your project aims and authenticity. Just think about it …any project you’re considering around the home or business requires a number of design decisions to be made – Decisions that take expertise and knowledge. I take the time to listen and discuss your ideas, lifestyle and budget in order to help you set boundaries and make well thought out decisions. This thinking and planning phase of design, or 'Design Exploration" is one of my specialties and will save you money on the back-end.

2. I save my Client’s heartache

I have the ability to visualize and conceptualize how a space will look with selected finishes, materials, textures, patterns, shapes and colors. That takes focus, work and expertise. In addition I solve spatial issues relating to lifestyle and architectural harmony by reviewing and visualizing existing space or from reviewing plan drawings. This is hard to explain and imagine but it’s a craft (or maybe a gift) that I have honed, trained and disciplined and I love to use it to help others problem solve spatial or interior design issues.

I also discover what’s really important to you and then establish design & beauty boundaries so you won’t fall in love with things that won’t visually work within your space, won’t be functional or won’t comply with your project aims. Just stop and consider that for a moment. Who do you know that does that? Would that be valuable to you? Combining form with function is a top priority for me to ensure you receive the best outcome. In addition, I can assist you in finding a team of reliable and excellent architects, project managers, general contractors, builder and suppliers at your disposal, to save you the headaches & war stories associated with choosing the wrong trades and suppliers.

3. I save my Client’s Time

You've heard the saying "time is money". I save my clients the frustrating & time consuming task of sourcing products and furnishings and creating a scheme or design map to pull a space together. I can also measure your space, create a personalized color scheme, research the perfect fabric, furnishings and accessories and coordinate the delivery and installation. Unless you have the passion & time for this work, you might not enjoy it. There are a lot of moving parts that could stall out the process if you don’t have the patience or the desire to plan out the elements accordingly

4. I create more than just the WOW Factor

Not everyone wants their home to be featured on HGTV or in Architectural Digest. In fact, most of my clients prefer confidentiality from social pressure and opinions and prefer to design their environments based on what I call a ‘sent mindset’ or with the big picture perspective of comfort, simplicity and grace instead. This means they are more interested in creating environments where everyone feels cared for, comfortable, cocooned and connected and is what differentiates me from other interior designers. My whole design ethos is based on creating a home as the ultimate creative expression of grace and hospitality and is based on both Biblical & Beauty principles. There is no crime against this type of design.

5. I provide short term help called Professional Design Assessments or Design Work Meetings

I prefer to 'stay in my lane' and I DO NOT need to control your project. After caring for my mother who fought hard against Alzheimer's disease, I have a different perspective on well - everything. Now I prefer doing what I'm good at - providing collaborative, short term "Designer for a Day" Services as part of your design team so that everyone can enjoy & participate in the creative process behind their own project with more confidence. Why? Because it's a transformative game changer! I believe that a rising tide raises all ships. And by offering my trained eye and years of trial and error experience to notice things you may not is another way I differentiate myself, share my gifts and change the world.

6. I increase the value of your home

Whether you are planning on dwelling or selling, I help my clients increase the value of their home by helping you create a space that will appeal to more buyers and put your home ahead of the competition or by redesigning your space using mostly what you already own to support you and your family in such a time as this.

7. I create the Perfect Mix & Blend of Form & Function, Old & New, His & Hers

Pulling together both form and function doesn’t happen by accident or by using a “we’ll figure it out as we go” as a design strategy. Yes, I have a natural gift for design and I bet you do too but do you really want to see your sofa or pillows in your neighbor's house? pulling together a space takes more than natural gifting and it doesn't happen by accident. It takes work, time and practice to create a sense of fluidity and harmony within a space that matches your unique authenticity. Design is a constant balancing act between what looks great and the intended purpose of the space; this is where that trained set of eyes can be especially useful to help you identify the best options for your space.

8. I have Resources

I travel every year to acquire new inspiration and resources! This means I have access to hundreds of unique vendors that span a wide range of price points which gives me the ability to cater to a variety of design services no matter of style or budget. And my connections benefit my clients in creating a more custom look to their space within any budget.

9. I’ll help you no matter where you live!

As you can see, there are many benefits to working with me. I am a visual communicator & planner, spatial problem solver, design director, art teacher and curator of space. I help my clients create the space of their dreams as a backdrop to their best life and thrive at home -- which is a unique perspective on designing home and means I’ll make recommendations based on your vision, guard you against one-off trends, teach you about design and help you focus on your timeless style that embodies your unique authenticity, character, and personal brand of beauty no matter where you live and no matter what your budget or size of project.

And because I believe that inspiration and beauty is God's gift to all of us to unite and heal, I’m on a mission to make the world more beautiful, and I do that by working safely with others no matter where they live virtually via zoom, facetime and email from the comfort & convenience of your own home on your own timeline & within your own budget. If you are computer savvy or are willing to learn, you can jump on a video call with me and take me through your space. Then I can do all the background work for you, such as creating a plan or personalize a design map, or help you select a kitchen template and add the decorative layer that will make your heart sing. All you need to do is sit back, be safe and enjoy the process by logging into our private design studio to see where we’re at and ask me questions. Whether you’re redesigning your whole home or needing a bedroom facelift, I have you covered.

Are you ready to make the world more beautiful? Me too! So, let’s begin with a complimentary 20 minute design coaching call and I’ll get up to speed with where you are now, where you are going and what’s holding you back so that I can provide you with resources that will help you succeed.

If you’re NOT ready to plan and design your project yet (although planning & design can take weeks or months), but would like to stay in touch, feel free to sign up for my monthly newsletter below or request to join my private interior design community here.


Beauty needs boundaries so it only has 'happy accidents'. Therefore, my specialty is managing & directing the creative process through thoughtful planning which then magically interprets & integrates the practical and the pretty into one clear distinctive vision.

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