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See how using an Interior Designer's secret weapon stylishly mixes materials, colors & tones in a way that creates architectural harmony and pulls it together!

Because I do design differently, and don't take over renovations, home refreshes and other design projects, I don't always receive 'after' photos. SO I was delighted to receive these 'after' photos showing how the client actually implemented my kitchen refresh design concept to visualize the ideal outcome and avoid typical DIY design mistakes & surprises. Concept Design is an accomplished interior designer's magic tool to accurately communicate the best ideas & avoid surprises at the reveal. I'm not talking about boring technical and construction drawings that leave a lot to the imagination. I'm talking about beautiful compositions that prove your ideas work and function so your hard earned money gets what it expects.

Originally the client called me to help her update her kitchen as it wasn't supporting her anymore in fact, the dark dated cabinets were not only weighing down the already small kitchen but they were also weighing heavy on her usual sweet mood. You see, she works hard all day blessing others so when she comes home, she wants to be recharged and blessed herself - ready to go at it again the next day. Her influence affects others, that's how she changes the world. I believe that health and wellness is crucial to living a life full of joy and peace…and it all starts at home.

But this was where she was starting her day...

Would waking up to this kitchen every morning inspire & encourage you to make the world more beautiful?

I give a lot of credit to my client as she was confident in her style and very collaborative. She told me she knew exactly what she wanted & needed to encourage her every morning. And besides being a beautiful person, she is also a savvy business woman that didn't have the time or the budget for design do overs and stall outs from second guessing design decisions.

Nothing lights me up more that helping people achieve their dreams and goals!

I listened very carefully to her ideas, goals and vision for the space and then created this 3D Interior Design Concept and Plan showing her initial idea:

She knew that she wanted a maximum of three colors in the kitchen, so we decided early on that the palette would be red, white and wood (color of brown) - because her Mr. Man wouldn't let her paint the window's wood trim. From there it was all about the balance of how to use each tone and where.

Room Rendered Perspective Design Concepts were critical during this stage of the process so that we could visualize different combinations. We originally tried the above combination, but after seeing it, we decided to develop and improve on the initial design idea by making adjustments.

As soon as she saw it, she knew that was the winner.

I believe the famous artist, Picasso once said, "I begin with an idea and it becomes something else".

Meaning that just like your favorite recipe, personalization comes in the process of tweaking ingredients to perfection.

Our initial idea might not be our ideal. But, that's the essence of working with a me, an interior designer qualified by education, experience and a portfolio of proof that can problem solve your space using my secret weapon of Concept Design and Interior Design Templates (concepts from past projects that just need a little tweaking) that proves the best idea before the hammer falls, contracts are signed and sets you up to succeed.

There are no hard and fast 'design rules' and no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to design - the only rules you need to follow is - does this work well for your lifestyle, does it fit your budget and does it look good to you! Because we all know what we like when we see it - right?

After we got the big picture right, she asked for help narrowing down the exact paint selections to make that part easy for her too.

Then she distributed her design plans to her own contractors for competitive bids and did her own shopping....which saved her (and them) a boatload of time & moolah. But then again, she owns her own business so she already knows how to negotiate a win for everyone.

And here is the renovated space! How much better does this look! I am so happy she went for it and implemented the plan we created together.

Now she has a kitchen that sparkles as much as she does!

I just love it when I capture my client's spirit and goals and am able to enrich their lives within the guidelines that are important to them.

They were able to keep the countertops and her lovely homemade lace window valance.

And, they were able to reuse their appliances to save money.

And because beauty begets beauty, her home now supports her and she can go out and share that beauty with others!

What a dramatic change was made in this kitchen and in the lives of those who live there with just a little money and a design plan that reflects their priorities and character.

How about you?  Do you have a kitchen (or another room) that might not be quite right but you're not sure what it needs or how to create a plan that checks off all the right boxes for you and your family?

A well designed space marries both the practical and pretty. How we live is affected by what surrounds us. And improper planning is the biggest reason why people live with regret from their poor home improvement choices. I know because I field these phone calls everyday!

So before jumping in with 'hope and guessing' as your 'plan', do these instead:

How would it feel knowing you hit your remodel goals while avoiding the pitfalls of bad planning and wasteful trendy design decisions?

Sometimes being a good steward of God's resources means participating in the process using more than hope and prayers.

If you need help with any of the above mindful considerations to avoid typical DIY design mistakes that cost you time, money and regret, give me a call and I'll walk you through the process.

Then let's start moving you forward with creative confidence.

Can't wait to here from you!

Until then,

Hugs and blessings (Numbers 6: 24-26),


p.s.. I work one on one with my clients in Elkhart, Goshen and Middlebury Indiana as well as customized virtual design services for clients across the country, to elevate them to the status of interior design hero by offering flexible, affordable service options by the day, hour or room.

Maybe that's why I'm called a pirate ship among the yachts.



Beauty needs boundaries so it only has 'happy accidents'. Therefore, my specialty is managing & directing the creative process through thoughtful planning which then magically interprets & integrates the practical and the pretty into one clear distinctive vision.

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