Check out the before and after pictures of this beautiful makeover I was SO delighted to receive an email and 'after' photos from one of my clients, Judy, showing how she actually implemented the design in her space! Originally she called me to help her update & freshen up her kitchen as it wasn't supporting her anymore in fact, the dark dated cabinets were not only weighing down the already small kitchen but they were also weighing heavy on her usual sweet mood. You see, she works hard all day blessing others so when she comes home, she wants to be recharged and blessed herself - ready to go at it again the next day. Her influence affects others, that's how she changes the world. But this was where she was starting her day... Would waking up to this kitchen every morning inspire & encourage you to make the world a better place? She told me she knew exactly what she wanted to encourage her every morning. And besides being a beautiful person, she is also a savvy business woman that didn't have the time or the budget for design do overs and stall outs from second guessing design decisions. Nothing lights me up more that helping people achieve their dreams and goals! I listened very carefully to her ideas, goals and vision for the space and then drew and rendered what she thought she wanted: When she saw the big picture, she was confused because the reality didn't look like she was expecting and hoping. And from my many years of trial and error experience this is typical. I believe the famous artist, Picasso once said, "I begin with an idea and it becomes something else". Meaning it takes more than an idea and natural gifting to create a masterpiece. Now my job is not to push my personal design aesthetic on one knows you, like you do.  Therefore you are the best person to lead to your design project. My job is to listen and help you discover, define, develop & perfect your picture. Below are my wall drawings showing her the difference between two options so she could make an informed decision. And there is nothing 'wrong' with the initial idea. Because there are no hard and fast 'design rules' and no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to design - the only rules you need to follow is - does this work well for your lifestyle, does it fit your budget and does it look good to you! Because we all know what we like when we see it - right? But because all the details affect the big picture, our initial idea might not be our ideal. I actually receive a lot of phone calls from good people who wander into design like babes in the woods and then wonder, "what in the world happened in there!" You can read about one of those stories here. There was also that 'one thing' that was really important to her Mr Man - don't paint the wood trim around the windows (why is there always that one 'thing'). So we had to figure out how to pull it together in a way that made everyone happy. But, that's the essence of interior design - personalized, spatial problem solving that creates a beautiful composition! I love it when I capture my client's spirit and goals and am able to enrich their lives within the aims that are important to them.--and it didn't take long to turn that confused WHOOPS into a confirmed WOW! After we got the big picture right, she asked for help narrowing down paint selections to make that part easy for her too. Then she distributed her design plans to her own contractors for competitive bids....which saved her (and them) a boatload of time & moolah. But then again, she owns her own business so she already knows how to negotiate a great deal that is a win for everyone. And here is the renovated space! How much better does this look! I am so happy she went for it and implemented many of the changes I recommended. Now she has a kitchen that sparkles as much as she does! I just love it when I capture my client's spirit and goals and am able to enrich their lives within the guidelines that are important to them. They were able to keep the countertops and her lovely homemade lace window valance. And, they were able to reuse their appliances to save money. And because beauty begets beauty, she can now beautify her attitude each morning at home and go out and share that beauty with others! What a dramatic change was made in this kitchen and in the lives of those who live there with just a little money and a design plan that reflects their priorities and character. How about you?  Do you have a kitchen (or another room) that might not be quite right but you're not sure what it needs or how to create a plan that checks off all the right boxes for you and your family? We all have a little 'Fixer Upper' in us. But, Interior Design is not easy when you don't know the way or have the time & patience to figure it all out. And sometimes it's not about the creating, it's about discovering what to create! Here's one more piece of advice to save you from making expensive design mistakes as well - invest in the services of a qualified interior designer, builder and trades people to ensure your finished project meets or exceeds your expectations and aims. You can kick start your new kitchen renovation by scheduling a FREE 20 minute design chat and we'll start working on your project right away. Just click on the photo below. Not ready for design? Then join hundreds of other design enthusiasts by signing up for my mostly monthly emails below. Or by requesting to join my Free Interior Design Community here. Can't wait to meet you! Until then, Hugs and Blessings (Numbers 6:24-26), Karen

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